Glow Foods, a NYC plant-based meal delivery service catered to the health and ingredient-conscious who want to eat well and look fantastic.


Glow foods was created for the busy, food-savvy individual. Many of us work long hours, and at the end of the day, turn to convenience for meals.  The problem with convenience is that a lot of the times, it absolutely sucks nutrition-wise and wreaks havoc on our bodies. Glow Foods takes the guess-work out of preparing a delicious, nutritious meal. All you have to do is relax and enjoy it!

Glow Foods is an organic, plant-based meal delivery service offering “beauty meals." Food holds the power to heal and revive our bodies, and each nutrient can play a specific role in helping people feel their best. Whether that be gorgeous skin, hair or nails, with us, you can have it all!

Our menus are full of variety and change daily so you'll never get bored. We include plenty of vibrant vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds. We stay away from heavy carbohydrates like white rice and pasta and use ingredients like squash and cauliflower instead. 

Our founder and chef, Morgana Russino, believes that food should hold a purpose.  As a certified raw, vegan chef, she saw first-hand the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Her skin was clearer and more even-toned, her digestion was better, her eyes were brighter, she had energy to spare, and she never had to worry about gaining weight. As a child, nourishing and satisfying meals were always on the table. Her Italian parents always paid attention to buying the best ingredients, but coming from such a food-centric culture, it always had to be delicious!

Essentially, if food is healthy but doesn’t taste good, who cares? No one should have to suffer as a result of eating better and Glow Foods is here to prove that! 


**We are 100% gluten-free**