At Glow Foods, our ethos is eating for beauty.

Our products feature the freshest vibrant veggies and super foods. We are committed to sourcing from local farms in the Hudson Valley region and we even took it a step further by starting our own Glow Garden in Ghent, New York. We support organic and fair-trade farming practices. We never use gluten, soy or dairy since they can be inflammatory for the body. Glow Foods takes advantage of all the delicious and nutrient-dense alternatives that nature has to offer!


Founder and chef Morgana Russino believes that food should hold a purpose. As a certified raw vegan chef, she saw first-hand the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Her skin was clearer and more even-toned, her digestion was better, she had energy to spare, and she never had to worry about gaining weight. As a child, nourishing and satisfying meals were always on the table. Her Italian parents always paid attention to buying the best local ingredient - and coming from such a food-centric culture, it always had to be delicious!


Glow Foods is here to share this with you. Come hungry, and stay beautiful!